Lifting Sway Model (FN)

昇降心軸型 / FN系列


Product Description (概要説明)

  • FN-Series is the mechanism assembled by back-and-forth excises and intermittent motions or left-right swings of output shaft. 該系列為出力軸上下往復運動兼間歇分割或左右搖擺運動之合成機構。
  • Output shaft partner with turntable and swinging arm.  Suitable for high precision and high speed machines requiring picking up and pulling out motions. 出力軸處搭配轉盤及搖臂,適合用於高精度及高速度之料件夾取動作。
  • Special vertical motion mechanism design ensures shock-free during shaft’s back-and-forth exercise. 特殊的直線運動機構設計,確保心軸往復運動時不抖動。


Main Specifications (主要技術參數)

Variance / Spec 參數規格 Indexing count(FN Series) 分割數(FN系列) Sway Angle(FE Series) 搖擺角度(FE系列) Unit : deg – 單位:deg scending Schedule 頂升行程 Unit : mm – 單位:mm Input shaft transmission speed 入力軸轉速 Unit : rpm – 單位:rpm
Axis spacing:60 軸間距:60 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 0~180 max.25 max.200
Axis spacing:60 軸間距:100 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 0~90 max.30 max.120

Motion Spec (動作規格)

FN(shaft ascending indexing combination model 心軸頂昇分度合併型) FE(shaft ascending sway combination models 心軸頂昇搖擺合併型)